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Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation


The Transformation and Equity Committee consists of the following members:

  • Director: Organisational Transformation and Equity (Chairperson)
  • DVC: Research and Engagement (or nominee)
  • Executive Director: Human Resources (or nominee)
  • Dean of Students
  • Executive Director: Finance (or nominee)
  • Missionvale Campus Principal (or nominee)
  • George Campus Principal (or nominee)
  • Equity Officer
  • A member appointed by each of the recognised trade unions
  • One member of the Institutional Forum
  • Two members of the Senate
  • One member representing the Disability Forum (Disability Officer)
  • One representative from Marketing and Corporate Relations
  • One representative from the HIV/Aids Unit
  • Two members appointed by the SRC, one from Port Elizabeth campuses and one from George Campus
  • One member appointed by the Black Staff Forum
  • Any other ad-hoc members required to perform functions of the Committee.

The Office of the Director: Transformation Monitoring and Evaluation provides secretariat support to the TEC.



The Transformation and Equity Committee:

  • Co-ordinates, monitors and advises on equity matters;
  • Makes recommendations to Management on such matters;
  • Oversees the implementation of equity policies and advises on equity aspects of other policies;
  • Advises Senate on matters of conscientious diversity in the academic sphere; and
  • Establishes such sub-committees as necessary (e.g. Sexual Harassment, Disability, etc.)