Change the world

Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Nelson Mandela University is an institution of higher learning, a university committed to excellence.

As a transforming African university, we see our role as, inter alia, an institution:  

  • advancing African scholarship (1) 
  • critically reflecting on knowledge traditions and social conditions
  • reflecting a diversity of viewpoints and cultures
  • advancing both human rights and human development
  • advancing transnational exchange
  • liberating human potential, and
  • building African (including national) leadership.(2)

In pursuance of its transformation agenda, our understanding of a university is based on an integration of scholarship, service and broader socio-political functions, thus impacting at an epistemological, organizational and social level. 




(1) The philosophical and political underpinnings of the knowledge enterprise in defining the concept of African Scholarship, would need to be collectively determined to achieve a shared understanding. Generally, African scholarship would need to reflect our local context, which encompass the following dimensions: geographical (Port Elizabeth in EC province of SA), socio-political (universities playing a key and central role to nation-building, strengthening and deepening of democracy, and social cohesion within the SA context as well as the broader African context), socio-cultural (promoting spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize the regional, national and African context) and economic (increasing the South African/African human resource capacity to compete favourably in the sphere of globalization). African scholarship would also need to reflect lexical refinement which eliminates pejoratives about Africans or other people. The University cannot develop its knowledge agenda of African scholarship on its own, and would therefore need to develop diverse kinds of strategic engagement that connect us to our local context. Joint approaches to local challenges and strategic linkages with other institutions that work in Africa will firmly embed us in our local context.

(2) Department of Education discussion document: “The idea of a South African University: Higher Education in a Transforming Society” November 2003