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Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Sexual Harassment Committee (SHC)

The SHC, a sub-committee of the Transformation and Equity Committee, is constituted of the following representatives:

  • One representative from Student Counseling, Career and Development Centre (PE and George campuses)
  • One representative from the Student Governance and Development Services campus (PE and George campuses)
  • One representative from Campus Health Services (PE and George campuses)
  • Residence Managers (all campuses)
  • Human Resources Consultant representative
  • Consultant: HR Equity Office 
  • Director: Transformation (Monitoring & Evaluation) – chairperson
  • Director: Employee Relations and HR Operations 
  • Dean: Student Affairs
  • Director: Residences
  • A nominee from the Faculty of Law.
  • One representative from each of the recognized unions.

Functions of SHC

The SHC will perform the following functions:

  • Actively promote the provisions of the policy through the development and distribution of multimedia education materials.
  • Provide support, via Student Counselling and Health Services, in the provision of a 24-hour crisis line.
  • Provide the TEC with a quarterly report on any incidents of sexual harassment reported to the sexual harassment advisors.
  • Assist where necessary with referrals to appropriate structures, such as Student Counselling, the Director: Student Services, the Deputy Director: Employee Relations.

2. Sexual Harassment Advisors (SHAs)

The persons identified as Sexual Harassment Advisors (SHAs) include the following:

  • Professional nurses from Campus Health Services (PE and George campuses)
  • Deputy Director: Human Capital Management
  • Human Resources Consultants
  • Executive Director: Student Affairs
  • Director: Residences
  • Residence Managers (all campuses)
  • Director: Transformation (Monitoring & Evaluation)
  • Faculty/division-specific personnel nominated by the Executive Deans/Executive Directors

Functions of Sexual Harassment Advisors

The functions of the sexual harassment advisors (SHAs) include, but not be limited to:

  • Serve as the first line of contact to whom staff and students may report incidents of alleged sexual harassment.
  • Inform the complainant of the formal and informal procedures available. Advising the complainant on the appropriate course of action available.
  • Should the complainant choose the informal route, follow the procedures as set out in the informal procedures.
  • Should the complainant choose the formal route, assist him/her to fill in the appropriate grievance form.
  • Submit a report of all complaints to the secretary of the T(M&E) unit, who will compile an amalgamated quarterly report for submission to the SHC on all incidents. Once the SHC has considered the report it will be made available to EMCOM and Council
  • Should an SHA be the alleged perpetrator/complainant of sexual harassment, he/she would be exempt from the role of SHA until the matter is resolved.