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Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Role of managers

Every manager shall take all reasonable steps to create and maintain an environment which is free from sexual harassment. This would require managers to:

  • Set a good example by treating all working within their unit with courtesy and respect.
  • Understand the terms of this policy and be responsible for the implementation thereof.
  • Attend training and educational sessions relating to this policy.
  • Communicate the contents of this policy to all staff in their respective areas of responsibility.
  • Refer complaints to an SHA within the University as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Promote a harassment free environment.

Roll of staff and students

All staff and students should contribute to creating and maintaining an environment free of sexual harassment by:

  • Showing respect for the dignity of others.
  • Being familiar with the contents of the Sexual Harassment policy.

Role of third parties

The University recognizes that it has no jurisdiction over third parties. However, all third parties providing services to the Nelson Mandela University will uphold and respect all who work at, study at or visit the Nelson Mandela University, or participate in any of the institution’s activities at any location other than the Nelson Mandela University. The TM&E office will keep a record of complaints and forward such complaints to the relevant offices that make use of the third parties, as well as to the relevant employer for action. The University retains its right to bar the third parties from its premises and/or reconsider any further commercial transactions with such service providers.