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Religious days

  • The Nelson Mandela University will take into account, in its institutional calendar, religious days of obligation as specified in the South African national calendar.
  • Specific requests in relation to religious observances other than those stipulated in paragraph 7.1. of the Religion/Belief/ Opinion Policy shall be reasonably accommodated, where practicable.
  • The provisions of the Nelson Mandela University leave policy shall apply to staff members who wish to participate in religious observances that are not provided for in paragraph 7.1 of the Religion/Belief/Opinion Policy.
  • Student requests should be directed, timeously, to the relevant academic staff member, who is encouraged to respond to such requests with sensitivity and humanity, taking into account the referred to policy.

Dress code

The dress code of staff and students should be appropriate to the context and character of the Nelson Mandela University.

The only limitations to the above would include:

  • Health and safety requirements dictating specific items of clothing such as overalls, protective clothing, etc. to be worn.
  • An inherent job requirement, such as, but not limited to, the wearing a uniform, or the use of headwear.
  • Where the student’s personal dress code prevents full exposure of an individual’s facial features, verification of the student’s identity for test or examination purposes will be conducted sensitively and be appropriately trained staff members who will show respect for the beliefs of the student concerned.

Dietary requirements

The Nelson Mandela University commits, where practicable, to cater for the dietary preferences (e.g. halaal, kosher, vegetarian), in accordance with religious observance of its entire staff and student population.

Religious observance

The Nelson Mandela University commits to providing, where practicable, suitable space/s for prayer and/or religious observance.