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Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Nelson Mandela University commits itself to the promotion of racial equality via strategies and interventions supported by management through the implementation of the strategic plan and projects that facilitate racial equality, such as, but not limited to:

  • All orientation of staff and students will include education on fundamental human rights, racial discrimination and the Nelson Mandela University's policy on racial discrimination. Continuous education in these areas will be provided and implemented.
  • Academic staff members are to be encouraged to facilitate the promotion of racial equality in their specific courses. All staff members will be encouraged to promote racial equality and tolerance in their respective units / departments.
  • In the interest of redressing past imbalances, Affirmative Action may be applied to promote greater equality and diversity of race groups on campus. This action will be implemented via the Equity Policy and the Employment Equity Plan.
  • The Nelson Mandela University commits to engaging the broader NMMU community in the promotion of racial equality.