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Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Draft terms of reference:Gender Forum

1. To provide a safe and supportive environment in which to discuss issues relating to gender equality

2. To advocate for gender mainstreaming in business practices, teaching and learning, and research.

3. To provide support and networking

4. To share best practice

5. To contribute to policy development across the University

6. To contribute to staff development and awareness in relation to gender issues specifically and equality and diversity generally.

7. To ensure the forum has a credible presence across and beyond the University

Mode of Operation

1. The forum will meet 4-6 times each year

2. The forum will report to the TEC (subject to terms of ref)

3. The forum will be self-determining and self-managing


The Forum will be open to all staff and students of Nelson Mandela University who are willing to make a commitment to the group and the role and responsibilities of membership.

Role and responsibilities of membership

1. To take a proactive role in the Group

2. To contribute to projects, initiatives or activities agreed by the forum

3. To regularly attend meetings

4. To respect confidentiality